General Information

Since 2003, Kenshikan Vienna and the Vienna Kendo Club (WKV) have been welcoming the Kendo delegation of International Budo University (IBU) from Japan.  The delegation is usually consisted of high-ranking Kendo Sensei’s and a number of students of the university’s Kendo Club, who enjoy cultural aspects of Vienna, Austria, while experiencing international Kendo exchanges with Kendo practitioners of European countries.

from 2005 IBU visit in Vienna

During IBU’s stay in Vienna, there are three to four Kendo training opportunities for all levels of Kendo practitioners in Austria and surrounding countries, including children and relative beginners.  Take advantage of this great opportunity and train Kendo with Sensei’s and students of IBU, who are specialized in Kendo/Budo-education in Japan.

from 2007 IBU visit in Vienna

Find details of the Kendo training opportunities with IBU at „2020 Event Information“ section.

Also, take a look at some scenes from their past visits!

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