2019 Event Information

Wiener Kendo Verein (WKV) and Kenshikan Vienna are proud to announce the 16th visit of International Budo University to Vienna, Austria, from 17th February 2019.  For the event of 2019, we are welcoming 3 experienced Kendo Sensei’s and the total of 14 (10 male, 4 female) Kendo club students of IBU.  In addition, Abe-Sensei, Specially Appointed Associate Professor of IBU and national coach of Hungary, will join us for the training on Sunday 17 February.

See the “About IBU” section and the “IBU Sensei” section of the web site for details.

The visit, as usual, will provide excellent opportunities for Kendo practitioners of Austria and neighboring countries at various levels to interact and practice Kendo with students of IBU, one of the expert universities of Kendo in Japan.  Two days of Kendo training sessions with IBU Sensei’s and students will be organized during the period.

DO NOT MISS this exceptional opportunity!  Register now!

Detailed training schedule with IBU can be found under “KEIKO Program” section of the web site.   

***** There will be NO Friendship Party planned during 2019 IBU visit. Sorry! *****  

PLEASE register at the “REGISTRATION” section, so that the organizer can better plan the programs and activities.  We will try to organize participants into some groups, when appropriate, depending on the participants’ level and grade of Kendo, for quality training.  Registration as well as participation in the scheduled Kendo training are free of charge for participants. 

*** You can order your lunch (€11 per person) between training sessions on Sunday 17 February.  Please indicate your wish for lunch when you register.

Your personal transportation and accommodation are at your own cost.  There will be no sleeping place available at the gym.

Disclaimer: Organizers of the event, namely WKV, Kenshikan Vienna and International Budo University (IBU) will take no responsibility for any casualties, other physical discomforts, any material damage or loss, or any cost incurred from them, during, before or after the events and activities related to the current program.  The Organizers will not provide any medical insurance or cares for participants in case of injury, except for a minor emergency treatment that may be available at hand.