IBU Sensei

Akira Ijima, 8th Dan, Kyoshi, IBU Kendo Club Chairmanijima
Born in Akita-ken, 1957, Ijima-Sensei attended Honjo High School and Nippon Sports Science University. There he worked as a professor’s assistant before moving to the International Budo University. Ijima-Sensei has competed in many tournaments, including the National Teaching Faculty Tournament, and the All Japan East vs. West Tournament. He has taken roles as both the Kendo Club Women’s and Men’s Director, and is currently a professor at the IBU and Kendo Club Chairman.

Toshio Maruhashi, 8th Dan, Kyoshimaruhashi
Born in Akita-ken in 1962, Maruhashi-Sensei attended Akita Minami High School and Tsukuba University.  After graduating, he moved to the International Budo University, where he is currently a professor.


Kimiharu Iwakiri, 8th Dan, Kyoshiiwakiri
Born in Miyazaki-ken in 1966, Iwakiri-Sensei attended Takachiho High School and the International Budo University. After gradation, Iwakiri-Sensei stayed as a professor’s assistant, and is currently a professor himself.


Tetsushi Abe, 7th Dan, Kyoshi, IBU Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Hungarian Kendo AssociationABE

Born in Yamanashi-ken in 1964, Abe-Sensei is a graduate of International Budo University, after which he obtained a Master’s degree of Budo theory from Tsukuba University, Japan. Abe-Sensei moved to Hungary in 1992, as part of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)’s international volunteer program. He then became Associate Professor of the Veszprém University (current Pannonia University) and Dharma Gate Buddhist College. Since 2018, Abe-Sensei became Specially Appointed Associate Professor of IBU.  Abe-Sensei has been the Technical Director of the Hungarian Kendo Association and the National Coach of Hungarian Kendo National Team since 1995. Abe-Sensei also published many articles on Kendo and Budo theories.

from 2005 IBU visit to Vienna
Marubashi-Sensei and Iwakiri-Sensei from 2017 IBU visit