About IBU

International Budo University


Since its establishment in 1984, at Katsuura-City, Chiba, Japan, the International Budo University (IBU) has been educating young talents who can actively lead and participate in the Japanese Budo education both in Japan and abroad.  It is one of such educational institutions in Japan that specializes and advocates the spirit of Budo, the Japanese martial arts, and its way of living to people of the world.

IBU Kendo Club 剣道部

The Kendo Club was founded at the same time as the International Budo University’s opening in 1984. The university’s foundation of learning is in the study of Kendo, and the club’s activities make up one part of that foundation. The Kendo Club strives to become a place where those who love Kendo and wish to heighten their strengths and deepen their skills can reach their goals.

There are currently 300 members in the Kendo Club. Each one of those 300 carries his or her own unique goals, but at the club they train together as a single unit. We often hear the claim, „I’m not good enough to be a member of this club,“ but being a member of the Kendo Club does not require any specific skill level. If you love Kendo and are ready to devote the next four years of your life to it, this is the club for you.

IBU Kendo Club Video 国際武道大学剣道部稽古風景



The Kendo Club Motto is „Hyakuren Jitoku,“ meaning „only if you practice something 100 times will it become a part of yourself.“ This is a principle founded in the true study of Kendo, under the guidance of internationally minded coaches. Following the coach’s instructions, undertaking the challenges of training, not only do we strive to improve our Kendo skills, but also to become the future leaders of the Kendo world.